Wednesday, June 5, 2013

To Finish Well

I have had a hard time explaining the craziness of our life this past year. The blog posts that have gone unwritten, the macaroni and cheese dinners that have graced our table a bit too often, the emails that have taken months to respond to, the thank you notes that never went out because I lost the reminder sticky note and didn't find it till two months after one of the kid's birthdays (!), the layer of dust on our furniture that has become like a family member, and the blank look on my face that really does beg the question, "Is anybody home?". 

After all, I don't want to seem like a whining, complaining baby who is not thankful for all the amazing, precious gifts that God has given to me (namely Himself). There is never a reason NOT to give thanks....but I have found those to be words that I have had to preach to myself often and, many times, through tears. Tired tears. Overwhelmed tears. Good tears. 

Because, it's been a tiring, overwhelming, good year. It's been exactly what God ordained before time began, and it's been a hard, wonderful road. I am so very thankful. I have learned a lot, sinned a lot, repented a lot, and rejoiced a lot in the faithfulness of my Redeemer. His gifts are good...always! 

A very precious friend of mine said it better than I could in a prayer on my behalf (thank you!):

Thank you for the opportunities of learning You have given her this year.  
Though Kristin was a “teacher” – she has been in Your classroom – learning and growing through You – THE TEACHER.  
May her efforts bear fruit for You.  In times of reflection, may she recall Your lessons of learning, Your faithfulness, 
Your grace, Your steadfast love in the school year that You have brought her through.  And then Lord, may her heart 
sing Your praises as she sees YOU there in all those moments.


So, I enter this final week of school with one prayer. To finish well. To finish in a way that magnifies the Lord. To finish with a thankful heart. To finish with a smile, not because of what I have done but because of the strength the Lord provides. To finish with the joy of knowing that whatever God calls us to do His grace WILL be sufficient to get us through it! 


To finish with LAUGHTER....lots of laughter. If you need some help in this department...if you want to laugh...really belly have to click on this link! I'm just glad that I am not the only "Worst End of School Year Mom Ever" :)