18 years ago today...

18 years ago today, we held a baby in our arms. Our baby. Garett Robert Pichura was stillborn 7 weeks shy of his due date. Trisomy 18 was the medical cause, but even in that, we knew that all things are ordained and purposed by the Lord.

"The Lord is righteous in all His ways and gracious in all His acts." Psalm 145:17

Maybe, for some reading, this truth grates against your nerves. It makes you question how we could cling to a God like that; how we could love Him with all of our hearts? A God who ordains suffering is not a God you are interested in knowing.

Jen Wilkin answers a thought like this with the following quote:

"The truth of God's limitless power would be absolutely terrifying were it not paired with the truth of His limitless goodness." 

And His limitless goodness is most beautifully seen in the death of His own Son, Jesus. Unimaginable suffering produced an incomprehensibly glorious salvation for those who would believe.

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