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I've got a couple of book reviews in the works...but I have learned they are not all that easy to write. To take pages and pages of content and condense it all down to a few paragraphs is pretty impressive and much more difficult than it seems. Tim Challies does it very well and so does a pastor friend of my husband, David Steele. (If you have never checked out his blog, it's incredibly worthwhile as you wade through the myriad of books in Christendom trying to decide how to best steward your time when it comes to reading.)

So, this is not a book's a Bible recommendation with a big exclamation point!

As I look back on the Bibles I have owned, the first one that comes to my mind quickly was my NASB ultra thin Bible in a deep shade of red.  It was the first Bible Bryan bought for me, and I hold it near and dear for that reason alone. It was my Bible of choice for many years, the translation I had grown up with and memorized from.

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