Deposits and Withdrawals...Help for Relationships!

Bryan shared a neat illustration with our marriage group a few weeks ago...and it had a pretty good "hook" on it that has held fast to me in the weeks since. In other words, I keep thinking about what he said, keep recognizing the value in it, and have been prayerful that it would be true of my life! 
It's a simple bank analogy that helps us better understand what our relationships should look like. 
All our relationships must be full of "deposits". Deposits of love, kindness, encouragement, patience, joy, gentleness, serving, faithfulness and grace. As we daily (or whenever we have the opportunity) make these deposits into the lives of our spouses, children, family, friends and church body...we are creating a wealth of love in their "heart bank". It's a beautiful thing. 
Of course, just as in your day to day banking, relationships are made up of not only deposits but withdrawals, too. There are times that, in order to be a spouse, …

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