Order Matters

I love to bake. Usually. Except for those times when I don't read the instructions correctly and add ingredients in the wrong order. Most of the time, baking involves adding your sugars and butter together, whipping the eggs in after that, and then adding the bowl full of dry ingredients which have already been mixed together. But sometimes those specifications change, and in my haste I don't pay attention. I usually don't notice my error until the "fruit" of my labor comes out of the oven and I realize something has gone terribly wrong.

Order matters.

It matters in things of far more weight than baking, too.

God gives us an order for what we are to do when we have a problem with someone. We are to go to them first, not go to anyone else. Only when they won't listen are we to involve someone else. (Matthew18)

God gives us an order for how the family is to be structured. Husbands are the head and must love their wives as Christ loves the church, wives are hel…

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