A Tip for Time Christmastime and Always!

December can be beautiful. After all, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus, our Savior, Redeemer and coming King. December can also be exhausting. There are the normal activities of life with heaps of extra upon it...Christmas concerts, Christmas parties, Christmas baking, Christmas shopping, and Christmas decorating, to name a few. 

These past two weeks I have had to daily remind myself of something I have encouraged the kids to "live by" for many years. It's been a simple but needed help to keep me on track and not feeling overwhelmed. Of course, God's sustaining daily grace through His Word and His Spirit are my ultimate source of peace and joy...but this has benefited me greatly, too! 

Do what you must do. Do what you should do. Then do what you want to do.'s that simple.

First, the evening before, write out the things that MUST get done for the next day: the things that are non-negotiable. Under those things, make another list of the things you would …

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