A little gingerbread and creativity

We started a new tradition 3 years ago during Christmas....a gingerbread decorating contest. I love traditions and I have to say that this has been one of my favorites!! It's so fun to see just how creative God has made some of my family members and the kids love filling up their gingerbread guys/gals and houses with as much candy and frosting as possible.

This year we were really impressed to see the thought that the kids put into their creations. Micah made Yoda (from Star Wars), Grace made a house and so did Faith. Faith even put red frosting on the plate behind the house to create the door! And Titus...let's just say his guy was as colorful as possible with so much candy that it kept falling off :)

David took first place after the the votes were in. He used some extra props, but we had to say it was the most impressive gingerbread McDonalds we had ever seen...drive through and all! :) Aaron and Kim worked together to make Raggedy Ann and Andy and tied for second with Michelle who made Minny Mouse. I don't have those pictures uploaded yet, but when I do, I'll put them in here.


Brook said…
Very cute! Looks like you guys are having a blast!!!
For His Glory said…
Awe...Tell micah, faith and grace and titus I would have voted for theirs if I was there:) (but David's was definitly something worth making an honerary mention for) ha ha