Beauty in Butterflies

I was so excited to get the our dear friend’s house and find that they were conducting a science experiment...or should I say…observing God’s creation in a really special way. They were waiting for butterflies to emerge from their cocoons. And the last couple of days that is exactly what they have been doing! It was a beautiful opportunity to talk to the kids about the transformation that God does in our hearts… and I thought I would share with you our conversation with them (after doing some research on the internet first!).

Did you know that a caterpillar does not simply grow wings while tucked safely away in his little cocoon… he changes completely. He loses 6 legs and 3 segments of his body. The number of his eyes decreases and his jaw is replaced by a sucking tube. Not only that, but when the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, his entire purpose changes as well. The caterpillar is really rather destructive in purpose. He feeds on trees and plants, often destroying their beauty in the process. Once he turns into a butterfly though, his entire intention changes, as now he is largely responsible for the germination of plants and flowers.

That is so true when Jesus saves us from our sins! We lose our heart of sin…our stone heart (Ezk. 11:19)…and are given a new heart. The old, dead person and our sin nature are gone and we become a new creature (2 Cor. 5:17). We don’t lose legs and other body parts, but we lose the chains that bind us to sin (Romans 7:6). We no longer live our lives in sinful destruction…destroying everything in our path. INSTEAD, God changes us, transforms our lives into something beautiful, something new! While we may not have beautiful wings, we have something more beautiful…the beauty of GOD in us through the Holy Spirit! Our lives no longer leave a path of destruction behind us…but we are used by God to spread the fragrance of the knowledge of HIM everywhere (2 Cor. 2:14).”

And we also were able to relate this beautiful metamorphosis to both of our upcoming adoptions. We encouraged the kiddos that although they may feel like they are “losing” things when we adopt (maybe less time for just them and mommy and daddy, not eating out that much or some other “extras” as money will be tighter, having to consider even MORE people as more important than themselves), adoption is a special way that God can transform a family! Because adoption, just like caterpillars and butterflies, is HIS creation too! Not only is God an adoptive Dad…He has adopted us...but He planned before the foundation of the world that Jesus would be adopted too while He was on earth…by Joseph! Through adoption we also receive the beautiful joy of sharing the gospel day in and day out with more souls that will never die and will, one day, spend eternity in either Heaven or Hell! We grow wings of wonder that God would call us to show forth His beauty to new little lives and to testify to His amazing grace!

After today butterflies have taken on a new and sweeter meaning!


Jen L said…
Thanks for the thought! That is a great illustration for me to use in Children's Church. I am always keeping my eye open for new ideas!
Also, I am reading 12 Extraordinary Women. And I learned the same things about Rahab that you did in your sermon. It brought a childrens story to a new light for me - why Rahab was considered a woman of great faith.
For His Glory said…
Thanks again for that beautiful illistration that God put on your heart to share...It was so neat to see how God can use something like a butterfly to show us His glorious ways!!
sbenedetti said…
Hey!! FYI, Butterflies do not transform into cocoons; it's called a chrysalis. Moth's are the creatures that make a cocoon out of their silk.

:) Stacey
Thank you my dear teacher friend! :)