Long story short...the gal that I normally work with at CWA is out this week and her "back-up" was out sick today, but I was able to touch base with another gal who works with Ethiopia and, from the report she received, the paperwork that was needed for us to adopt the boys came through and was submitted so that we can receive a court date!!!! We all did a "happy dance" in the kitchen when I got off the phone and joined together in a prayer of Thanksgiving for this sweet blessing from God!!!

The road is still long. It will be a couple weeks before we find out about a court date and the court date is at least 8-10 weeks (or more) after that. If the court date is successful (sometimes it can take a couple of times for a successful court date!) then we will be headed over there about 5 weeks later. So, doing the math, it looks like at least another 17 weeks from now...maybe sometime in July?!:) But that is just our "human math"...God's math may look completely different as it has already! :)

So, while we wait we will join the the Psalmist in Psalm 62:5 "For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from Him." And, right now, join us as we continue to do the happy dance and lift up prayers of Thanksgiving to the Lord! :)

P.S. I'll post more pictures this weekend from our road trip...but this news was worth sharing right away!!!


For His Glory said…
Yay! Yay! Yay!! SO this means the boy's mother is not being forced to take them I'm assuming?? This is so exciting, we are rejoicing with you!!
Brook said…
PRAISE GOD!!! What exciting news! Please know I am rejoicing with you and can't wait to meet the boys!!! ♥♥♥ Big hugs!!! ♥♥♥ And lots of love!!!
I am assuming the same thing too!
James & Kimiko said…
Yay! Yay! Yay!!!!! :) :) Hannah's doing the happy dance in her Johnny Jump-Up, too! :) We're so excited!!! Can't wait to have 2 more nephews in the family!
Yay!! What encouragement you have received... :0) I am very happy for you guys! Hope the Lord continues to bless you with peace in the waiting (and for not a whole lot of waiting!!).
Bina said…
Congratulations!!! So happy for you. Praying for you and these precious kids!! May God do a marvelous work in you guys and through you guys!!!
nate montgomery said…
The Lord's lovingkindness indeed never fails!!! Praise God that he is moving and working for His glory in your lives and the lives of those precious young boys. Awesome!!!!
Thank you all for your sweet words of encouragement and for rejoicing with us!!! :)
Jen L said…
Great News! You are continually on our prayer list!