One Handsome Little Man

Titus had the privilege of being in the wedding of some of our friends at church this past weekend. While I didn't manage to get a picture of the beautiful couple :( I did catch a couple other ones!

Titus was not too happy when he found out the tux had to be returned. As our child who always like a uniform for every occasion, he fell in love with his tux. Although, it might of had something to do with all the older girls who kept coming up to him telling him how cute he looked!:)
Bella, Titus, and Hayley (sisters of the groom)


Kimiko said…
Such a handsome little man!! I remember he loved wearing a tux at our wedding and he was only 2 at that point!!!
What a handsome little dude! Watch out for the girls, Titus ... watch out for the girls!