Not our typical school year...

Tomorrow begins a new season in the Pichura Family...because tomorrow we will drive our 4 oldest to Langley Christian and send them off to school.

After reading that sentence, some of you may be thinking, "It's about time! Glad to see you join the club," and others of you may be thinking, "WHAT???? I thought you would always home school!".

When the kids were little, I remember thinking, "There is NO WAY I could ever home school", and a little over a year ago I remember thinking that I actually just might be able to home school all the way up through!:) It's amazing how God molds us and transforms us...and, through each season of life, gives us new desires or rearranges the desires we have.

Because of financial help, we are able to send our kids to school this year...and we truly believe it is what is best for each of them. Obviously, we have come to that decision based on many different reasons not only for our family as a whole, but for each individual kid. We are incredibly excited at this opportunity and we are looking forward to seeing how God uses it to continue to grow us in our love for Him and grow us as a family.

My school "workload" will be down by 4 and I am so excited to have a year with my two "little men" who are going into grades 1 and 2. They are still at the stage of giving lots of hugs and wanting cuddle time...and I know these moments will be gone so quickly! I don't expect to have all sorts of free time...but I am excited to get into this new routine!

Micah will be entering the middle school as a 6th grader, Grace will follow right behind in grade 5, Samuel is more then ready to join the other kids his age in grade 4, and Faith will finish out the group in grade 3!

This year will be full of learning curves, I am sure. We have had a freedom in our schedule in the past that we will not have this year, I will actually have to make lunches before the lunch hour :) (now might be a good time to buy some stock from "Ziplock" with how many sandwich bags the Pichura kids will be using!:)), and the kids will be coming home with something they have never had before...HOMEWORK! :)

We'd all appreciate your prayers (the newness of it all has brought on some good ol' nerves...more for some than others!)...and, if you have any advice, I am all ears as well!

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven"
Ecclesiastes 3:1


I am very excited for this new direction the Lord is taking your family! I will remember you all in prayer...
Clark Family said…
We are so excited for your beloved ones!! We were also shocked to realize that Micah would be one of Robbie's students if he were at his school! Yikes! How did he grow up so fast! If he ever needs help in science, don't hesitate to ask!

I know you've seen this before, but just a reminder about school lunches. I updated a little for this year:

Praying for a God-honoring school year for all of you!! Love and hugs from all of us to all of you!
Juli said…
How exciting and scary all at the same time. Definitely keeping you in my prayers. Now, off I go to recommend to Brian that we purchase stock in Ziploc, lol!
That is so awesome! What a fun, new journey the Pichura family is on! :) Sounds like a true blessing!! I sure have appreciated all of the advice you've given me on curriculum. We've been really enjoying the SOS program.