Trail to Nowhere

A couple of days ago we took a hike through some beautiful Oregon wildlife to get to an amazing waterfall. On the way back we took a wrong turn and started sending the kids up a steep, narrow trail. Thankfully, Bryan quickly scooted ahead and realized that the trail literally dropped off to nowhere. And, in this case "nowhere" was a long way down!

I can't help but think that that dangerous "trail to nowhere" is a visual image of what we sometimes do to our kids on the "trail of life". When a situation arises in which our kids need our aid, discernment, help, council, input, direction, rebuke, or exhortation and we are feeling tired, lazy, overwhelmed, frustrated, or just plain apathetic what can easily happen is that instead of leading our kids, instead of being like a John the Baptist and preparing the way, we give them a couple Bible verses, make a few statements, and then send them off. We throw God's Word at them instead of presenting it like the precious jewel that it is. Whether we realize it or not, we send them on the "trail to nowhere".

Without Christ saving work in our kid's lives, their natural bent will always be the dangerous trail. My prayer is that God would help me to not be not just "point" them in the right direction but lead them there...with my time, my prayers, a passionate excitement about God's Word, encouraging words, hugs, and smiles!

Oh, that God would save our children and that every "trail" they take would lead them straight to the arms of Jesus!


Amen!! :0)

(Okay-- I got a bit sweaty-nervous just looking at how close your children were to the top of what looked like a large drop-off in that first picture!! Yikes!!)

What BEAUTIFUL scenery, though! Amazing...

"...for He spoke, and it came to be; He commanded, and it stood firm." Psalm 33:9