Merry Christmas

"All I know about Christmas, I learned from Jesus"

The above quote was written on a wall hanging my mother-in-law gave to me. Isn't it so true?! All that makes Christmas truly Christmas is found within the pages of Scripture! Praise God for the indescribable gifts He has given us in His Son, the Holy Spirit, and His Word!!!

It was a fun filled, wonderful Christmas together! We missed having my brother Andrew with us as well as my brother James, Kimiko, and Hannah...but so thankful that we will, Lord willing, be together this summer! My sister Kimberly flew up to visit with her husband Aaron and their adorable girls, Linnea and Natalie. And, of course, my brother Paul and brother David came up with his wife Michelle. Did I mention my parents, too?!:)

We were given a GIGANTIC 28 pound turkey for Christmas! Fitting it in a pan was a bit interesting...but eating it was just wonderful!:)A few of us also completed a couple of puzzles!

There were a couple of new games that we played. We really enjoyed Quiddler...a fun word game...but, if you looked around our house at any given moment on Christmas Day, the clear "winner" as far as games go was the game Wurdle. Just look for two heads both bent over the same Ipad...and you could bet they were fighting it out for the most words possible!:)
The gift of family is one of my most favorite gifts each Christmas and I am so thankful that we were able to share it with those that we hold so very dear!!!


Anonymous said…
Praising God with you! Has your house emptied a bit?

It really shocked me how much Little Miss Natalie looks like Little Miss faith's baby pictures!

Praying for you my friend!

With love
Anonymous said…
That one picture of the turkey just cracks me up! It looks like he is about to "drive" that roasting pan right out of the kitchen. :-)