19 Reasons

19 years ago, today, an 18 and 21 year old pledged their lives to each other before God and their families and friends and, that afternoon, became Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Pichura.

Some have said, and written about, how the chief goal of marriage isn't to make us happy, but holy. And because we all know how much sanctification takes place in a marriage...it's easy to concur that that is a true statement. I remembering sharing this with Bryan several years ago...and he kindly disagreed. He graciously reminded me that God instituted marriage BEFORE there was sin...or the need to be holy and sanctified. Therefore, the original purpose of marriage actually had nothing to do with making spouses holy and everything to do with glorifying God by delighting in each other.

I think sometime it's easy to forget that. Easy to lose sight of the delight in the midst of all the duties. Easy to forgo a complement and reach for a criticism. Easy to allow hours and even days to go by without giggling together, saying "I love you", reaching for a kiss, a hand to hold, a body to hug...moments to foster and fuel delight and refuse to allow sin, self, and circumstances to rob the precious gift that marriage is.

So, today, here are 19 reasons why I can't help but delight in Bryan:

1) He loves Jesus more than he loves me

2) He loves sports as much as I do...especially college football

3) He is patient

4) He makes really good coffee...every morning

5) He loves to laugh

6) He thinks through what he says and does and doesn't rush into things

7) He bears with me for not thinking enough and rushing into things because of it

8) He likes chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream...so I feel a little less selfish buying it just for myself

9) He takes care of all things "tech" in our house and with our kids...which saves me from a daily nervous breakdown

10) He lives steadfastly on God's promises and it's a rare day that he shows any fear or worry

11) He is merciful... overlooking a thousand of my faults, though I can, sadly, be quick to bring up his

12) Family devotions isn't something we pray we'll get around to, it's a priority

13) Our kids have a wonderful example of what it looks like to love Jesus and walk in His ways...as a pastor, a husband, and a dad...as well as what it means to truly belly laugh over a funny Youtube.

14) He doesn't complain when I keep the light on to read though he'd love nothing more than a dark room to fall asleep in.

15) And he still cuddles me close even after I've kept that same light on way too long

16) He loves seafood and promises me we'll eat more of it when the kids have all left the house :)

17) He'll clean the bathroom...toilet, shower and all....if he knows it will help ease my workload

18) He doesn't hit the ball as hard as he could when we play tennis....and is still willing to play another game of chess, though his losing streak continues

19) His heart is set on eternity...and the choices he makes for himself, for me, and for our kids, flows out of that eternal perspective...and, therefore, there is much peace in our home as we trust him, knowing he's following and treasuring Christ above all.

I'm so thankful to the Lord for the gift of marriage! The delights, the sanctification, the laughter, the trials, the sweetness. "For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things"...and that certainly includes marriage! It's a gift from Him that endures through the strength that He provides in the midst of our weakness, and it's all for His glory...which helps us keep our eyes off of self and even off of each other and onto Christ, our hope and our portion forever!

Happy Anniversary to the "one whom my soul loves". I pray the Lord sees fit to give us many more years together...but, for today, I'm so very thankful for 19.


Naomi Houston said…
This is the sweetest anniversary post I've ever read! Happy Anniversary to you both and I pray that you have many more years of "delighting in one another".