A great marriage reminder!

A wonderful week

God does the growing!

A surgery on the horizon!

Do I really have to love THAT person?

A Memorable Memorial Day

Time with my girls!!!


A visit from Uncle Paul!

The Best Day Ever!

A Peek into the Pichura's Weekend

Where do we go from here?

A Happy, Sad Day

Snapshots from this week!

If you watch nothing else this week, watch this.

A book worth reading!!!

Kristin know's best...or so she thinks:)

Update on my surgery

It's all "up in the air"!

Expecting the Unexpected!

Quote, not just for the day but for the rest of my life!!!!

A glimpse into life at our boy's orphanage

Ever feel like a yo-yo?

Money Saving Blog!!!!

It really is busted!!!

Hannah: A Godly Example