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Bible Bee

"Preaching" through pennies

A jar full of pennies? I hope not!

A Puzzling Truth

My personal retreat!

Remembering Garett

Learning more about the place our boys call home!

What should your instruction look like?

A Fearful Child

Cheering for our All-Star!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Precious Times, Precious Faces!

Missing the boat

Loving God's Biblical Standard

I'm pooped!

They are following you!

Happy Fool's Day!

Birdhouses and Baseball

"B" Day

Thoughts from a Fellow Blogger

Typing out a Prayer

Celebrating Christ's Resurrection

Holy Spirit Helpn'

Circus Fun!

Pulling Weeds...and Sowing Love

Micah's all decked out and ready to go!

Pulling Weeds!

My Grandpa