A Song for the Ride

Trip to Hood River

"I like your strech marks!"

Nothing inspiring...just got a question :)

"Can I pray for you?"

In case you are in need of a laugh!

New pictures, New tears

I need some suggestions!!!

Potato Feed Fundraiser

How is your singing coming along?

Time to strech!

Time...can I have some more of it?

Adoption Update

Bail Out

True love

What fun!

Some of our favorites

Rest for our souls

Radically different

A song to share while we wait

No grumbling here!

Grace's first piano lesson

Keeping Silent

Sweet Fruit from Last Weekend

Saturday at the Pichura House

Rabbit Trail :)

It's really all about God

Thoughts from this weekend Part 2

Pray with Us!!!!

Thoughts from this weekend Part 1

Adoption Update

I wish you could have been there!